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testimonials-skipI bought my 1965 Austin Healy 3000 in June 1969 from the original owner. He purchased the car while he was stationed in Germany with the Army. At that time you could buy a car new and drive it in Europe then bring it home as a used car and avoid paying duty.

I lived in West Virginia at the time. I drove the car for 5 years putting it through the paces. After I got married I decided to take it apart for restoration. Fast forward 40 years, several moves, four children, two 100 year old houses the car was ignored.

I found Jeff Lock on the internet and decided to take the plunge. Another guy said the car was too far gone but Jeff said he could bring it back. I figured he could replace the rust and I would take it from there. I soon found out that would be way over my head.

They had been doing this forever and knew the right people for the right job, engine rebuild, interior, shot blast parts. Jeff and his guys were perfectionists. I would drop in every other week and follow the progress.

I could have purchased a Healey cheaper on eBay but I wanted to have my car. I knew the car would be done right. They used continuous welds on the body panels, better than factory. I became friends with all the guys as well as another guy who had a Jenson. We would go to lunch and discuss the progress.

The paint was unbelievably perfect. I could not believe the amount of work that went into the body. I hate to think what the car would look like if I had tried to do it.

Jeff tried to save money where he could and we always discussed what the next step would be.

I would recommend Foreign Car Specialties if you want your car done right. The car never ran as well as it does now.

Fred McDonald, Cleveland Heights, Ohio

testimonials-skipI first met Jeff Lock at the JCNA National Meet in St. Louis in 1992. He was showing a 1956 Jaguar XK-140 MC Roadster on which he has just completed a total restoration. In our ensuing conversation I found Jeff to be a very knowledgeable Jaguar restoration expert. In fact, the XK-140 went on to win its class at that show. It was so well researched and restored that the national meet judges actually revised some of their judging standards regarding the XK-140 series.

In a few years Jeff and Foreign Car Specialties restored a Jaguar XKE Open Two-Seater for me. Then, our next project was a 1948 Jaguar Mark IV, followed several years later by a 1927 Rolls-Royce Phantom I Tourer. During that time I also purchased, from its owner, the XK-140 which had been shown in St. Louis.

During each of these restorations, I found Jeff to have an extensive and detailed knowledge of how these cars were built originally and how they should be restored. In fact, he has a significant collection of factory and dealer manuals and documentation showing exactly how the cars were built originally. When the restoration of the Mark IV was in progress, Jeff actually had some original factory paint chip showing the colors available in 1948.

Twenty years later, all of these cars continue to look great, and run as well, as when Jeff finished the restorations. The flawless finished paint jobs have held up incredibly well and still show extremely well against much more recent restorations. When Jeff restores an automobile, you can be sure the restoration will endure for many, many years.

Not only are Jeff’s restorations of the highest quality, he, too, is a very high quality individual. His integrity is rock-solid. He will not do restoration work that is anything less than the best possible. He knows what is ‘right’, both with the automobiles he restores, and with the dealings he has with his customers. He certainly can be trusted to do the ‘right’ thing in every instance. He is, without question, a good man in every way.

Skip Lane, Key West, Florida

testimonials-marty I had my 1978 Mini Cooper completely restored and customized by Foreign Car Specialties. When I gave them my car in September 2006, it was in complete shambles – from rusted out panels to decrepit suspension, and everything in between. It is now one of the finest Classic Minis on the road.

I have been a car enthusiast for over 30 years, and I have never seen as high quality of work as performed by this shop. There was nothing shortchanged on my build. The car required extensive custom metal work and it was amazing to see the process.  Although I had a rough idea of what I wanted my car to become when I first met with Jeff Lock, it was only due to his insight and incredible design work, the car became more than I could have ever envisioned.  My favorite part of the work performed is the car now looks like it should have originally been designed, despite the fact, it is a one-of-a-kind custom vehicle.  Jeff always kept me an integral part of the restoration project. He provided me with very detailed accounting of all the work performed in a timely manner.

To this day, I get a smile on my face every time I drive my Mini. It has won many trophies at area car shows, including First Place at the 2009 Stan Hywet Father’s Day car show.  The mini was also a hit at the 2010 Mini Meet East !  Additionally, pictures of my Mini have appeared in MiniWorld and MINI Magazine.

I consider Jeff Lock a craftsman of the highest caliber, and made a good friend during the process.

Martin Boise, Hudson, Ohio

testimonials-daveIn the summer of 2012, my wife and I wanted to get our 1967 Austin Healey 3000 mechanically renovated without losing the car’s many original aspects. Luckily I stumbled upon Foreign Car Specialties.

Master restorer Jeff Lock and his team of experts did an outstanding job of meeting our needs. Jeff consulted with me at every step of the process and made sure that our money was spent wisely. The results exceed our expectations.

In an era where shoddy work is far too common, Jeff is a rare exception who lives by ‘old school’ values such as honesty, integrity, and providing excellent customer service.

Dave Ketchen, Professor, Auburn University

Scott, Gina TR-4, TR-250 TwoI’ve know Jeff since the late 1970’s when I would stop by on a regular basis to see all the sports cars that I’d ever dreamed of in his shop being repaired and restored. It was (and is) a fascinating place filled with interesting cars and interesting people. I even worked in the shop one summer during college.

In the 1990’s we embarked on the restoration of my 1965 TR4, taking the project in phases according to my time frame. It was so much fun to see my own car going through all the different steps of restoration that I had watched other cars go through over the years. I loved working with Jeff on the many decisions that are part of the process. Even though restorations are never cheap, I always got more than I paid for.

15 years later my car still looks and runs great!

Scott Myers, Akron, Ohio